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Welcome Underage Players!


Eligibility, times, pitches and coaches are all listed on our Facebook page. Find your team for 2023 here>>


Welcome to Kinsale Rugby Club! Our club has seen thousands of boys and girls come and enjoy the game of rugby at our amazing facilities in Snugmore, just outside Kinsale. As you'll find in our "Grounds" page, we boast 5 well-maintained pitches with floodlights so we can play all year around. Our motto has always been "the pitches are there to be played on".


Thanks to the success of the Kinsale Sevens each May, we've been able to invest in facilities that many clubs our size would be envious of. Not only do we have great pitches, but we have a welcoming clubhouse, changing rooms, a gym and parking for those busy underage Saturday mornings. Parents are very welcome to enjoy the facilities while their children learn the game of rugby.


Our underage teams are THE priority for the club. Known as the Kinsale Sharks, we invest and work hard to ensure our underage players get the best facilities, coaching and safeguarding. We want EVERYONE to experience the joy and fun that comes from a game of rugby. Our players and our volunteers are the heartbeat of the club.


Playing the game of rugby

Rugby is a game of catching, passing, tackling and evading others. It's that simple, and these are known as the "four cornerstones" of rugby. The game can seem complicated to those unfamiliar, but it is designed to be easy for younger players to play. Our youngest teams are coached by qualified volunteers who will teach your child these basic skills.


Rugby is full of fun drills and manoeuvres, basically mini-games, to help children develop strenght, speed, good handling and quick thinking. Rugby also has a strong team ethic. No game of rugby has ever been won by one individual - only a well organized team working together will be successful. Teamwork is essential and at the heart of our coaching philosphy. Rugby is also a game that encourages all shapes and sizes. There's a position for everyone on a rugby pitch.


Underage rugby teams in Kinsale Rugby Club are seperated into two parts:

  • Minis rugby - Under 6 to under 12 girls and boys teams, co-ordinated by Pauline O'Reagan (0876821163)
  • Youth rugby - Under 13s to under 18s girls and boys teams, co-ordinated by Eric Dolan (0872310488)


Minis rugby

Mini Rugby (ages 6-12) training starts at 9.15 (Under 6 to 10) and 10.30 (Under 11s and 12s) each Saturday morning at our grounds in Snugmore. Times may vary so please check with coaching groups for accurate times. Mini boys and girls take part in training, where they learn the four cornerstones of rugby - catch, pass, tackle (under 8s and up) and evade. Sessions are designed to be fun, active, constructive and everyone is welcome into the clubhouse for a tea, coffee or soft drink after (or during for parents!) the sessions. Boys and girls play together at under 6 and under 7 level.


Saturday mornings during the season are buzzing with kids and their families hanging out at the club, learning to play a fun team sport. Everybody welcome, no previous experience required. Players are welcome to give training a try for a number of weeks. However, children are not able to play in blitzes until they become full club members, due to insurance reasons.


You can find out more about membership here.


Eligibility, times, pitches and coaches are all listed on our Facebook page. Find your team for 2023 here>>

Youths rugby

Youths rugby takes place at various times, depending on the coaching teams and players. Matches are scheduled by Munster branch for us to fullfill. We're always happy to meet new players or coaches. Experience not required. Fugby can be a social conduit for children beginning and during their teenage years. They bond and learn skills - social and sporting - and it is a positive, fun way to get fit. Some of the best players took up rugby in their teens!


Eligibility, times, pitches and coaches are all listed on our Facebook page. Find your team for 2023 here>>


Kit required

For minis and youths, three core pieces of equipment are required; gumshield, boots and a bottle of water!


Jerseys are not provided for the minis groups, but are for the youth teams. Jerseys, short, socks, training tops and more can be got in the Kinsale Sports shops, as well as our online store which will be available soon.


Helping Out

Kinsale RFC cannot succeed without everyone playing their part. There are many ways you can help, from becoming an accredited coach or road and car park marshal, selling lotto tickets, helping out on Saturday mornings in the clubhouse or joining our social committee to run some fun events throughout the year... there are so many options to choose from.  Let us know! Contact us through the website or contact an age grade coach or coordinate to find out more - no obligation. Many hands make light work!


Insurance Cover

Like all sports, injuries can happen while taking part. In the past the Club has often been asked by parents and coaches whether the Club covers injuries sustained by underage players during training or at matches. Although the Club is covered by IRFU insurance, this covers only major injury such as loss of limbs or sight. Players are advised to have their own medical insurance cover if they wish to be covered while playing the game. 


Rugby is fun

We do hope you and your young players enjoy the coming rugby season, and all the other activities of the Club such as KidsCamp and Tours. Our first priority is player safety and the underage team works hard to ensure we are organised to run the sport according to IRFU requirements.


We strive to provide a club where your child has fun, feels included, enjoys playing rugby, makes new friends and most importantly feels safe. If you have any questions or concerns around any aspect of the underage structure please contact Eric Dolan for Youths Rugby or Pauline O'Reagan for Minis and Girls rugby.


How to find out more

If you have more questions about the club, the game or how to get your family involved, speak to our rugby coordinators or PRO Officer:

  • Youth Development Officer (Under 13 to Under 18s) - Eric Dolan - 0872310488
  • Minis Development Officer (Under 6 to Under 12s) - Pauline O'Reagan - 0876821163
  • PRO - Paul McSherry - 0877858476
  • Director of Rugby - Denis Collins - 0861723702
  • Find your team for 2023 here>>

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