Insurance Cover 

In the past the Club has often been asked by parents and coaches whether the Club covers injuries sustained by underage players during training or at matches. Although the Club is covered by IRFU insurance, this covers only major injury such as loss of limbs or sight. Many parents misunderstand this cover, and assume incorrectly that every minor injury or visit to the doctor or hospital is covered.
Club policy states that when medical help is sought at the pitchside, in the form of SouthDoc or a visit to the GP, or an ambulance is called, that the club will cover this expense. The fee should be paid by the parent or player and the receipt submitted via the Child Welfare Officer, or Youth or Mini Officer for reimbursement.

This is NOT covered by insurance but comes out of club funds. The Club will not cover any subsequent treatment costs, as we have no insurance to cover this eventuality.

There is a low cost insurance policy openly available that we highly recommend parents take advantage of. This is an extension to the insurance that players have at their school. This insurance comes at a very low cost and should be taken out by the parent or guardian, and they will deal directly with the insurance company regarding any claims. The Club has no financial interest in promoting this service, we are simply passing on the information. Contact and select ‘School Insurance’ for more details.